ICC is a company made by designers, who ideate designs, and managers, who responsibly realize these designs.

ICC focuses on the client and their lifestyle to define the detail in projects, and then making it a reality.

ICC has jurisdiction for each of the following disciplines which we consider as essential attributes in order to carry out a great project, and deserving to be adopted and implemented.


Client’s representative

We are accustomed to working at the service of the client’s objectives. These objectives determine the executive capacity with respect to project correspondence and budgeted costs. In addition, the management accounts for changes put forward during the process, and facilitates integration of those changes in the final vision.

Real estate advisory

We want to accompany the client in evaluating the financial output of our work and certifying its value over time, as validation of the soundness of the investment.


Our engineers and site architects move from Switzerland to elsewhere in the world. Conducting due diligence for selection and coordination of local companies and craftsmen, in compliance with the considerate norms and regulations. Alongside, they achieve parallel coordination with the Italian production of custom materials and furnishings.

Production in Italy

Our technical team in Italy progresses work through efficient organization of lists and executive drawings that sanction the selection and the preparation of customized materials to be installed, and the production of specialized furniture. The team accomplishes this with hyper-coordination with the construction team on site.


We deliver around the world by selecting the logistics companies with the most experienced in the territories and indicating to them the service we need. Our in-house team of installers from Italy intervenes at all stages of the process, in order to assure the ideal progress of projects.

Concierge & Facility management

We continue to be at our clients’ service to take care of their lifestyle needs and the property we have designed and delivered for them.



The starting point of everything, we reclaim space with timeless, admirable, and austere structures. We cater design projects in alignment with contemporary times or blends with traditional context, our services range from aesthetics to technicalities. Our guiding principle is to ensure the longevity and durability of the design.


The love for details, the attentive division of spaces, selection of most exclusive materials, eye-catching style, the desire to carefully direct all the particularities involved is a natural impulse for our work. 


The amenity that is imperative to our business activities, enables the ambiance and the atmosphere we want to create. Light is an accomplice in all architectural projects, both for exteriors and interiors. Good lighting is necessary for space enhancement, impressionability for design objects, and for encouraging good sensations. It can also be a great protagonist.


The warmth of nature in our spaces is brought by plants. The choice for botany is dependent on various factors about where we are, whether in the mountains or by the sea, or in a humid climate. Botany integrates with architectural and design style and our services are inclusive of techniques to feed the plant growth and promote the natural well–being of botanical structures.


Knowing the properties of sounds, the mechanisms of sound production, sound propagation and reception, the sound designer comes into play to create comfort and to elevate the energetic frequencies. This amenity service is in devotion to the passion for music, it can initiate relaxation or arousal of emotions and energies. We start from scratch every time for every customer.


The largest branch of our services; all your needs for decorating spaces or your passion to get involved with certain artistic practices or art for investment purposes. The art world is ever-expanding and nobody can say they know everything. We conduct our due diligence, find the people which will introduce you to the right kind of art. Decide your purpose and we’ll fuel your passion. 

Home styling

The culture of mindfully picking each and every accessory to live with your home, in your home, curating a style that represents you the best. Our homes depict an image of elegance, taste and refinement. 

Fashion design

Our fashion choice is a reflection of who we are. We create our image with our vision of fashion, from trends, colors, embellishments, it all happens in meticulous dressing rooms. Nonetheless, we also break the mold by achieving uniqueness for textile workmanship and handcrafted fabrics to embellish furniture with.


The charm of perfume and its evocative power is unparalleled, capable of recalling the most remote sensations and memories. Like any form of art, the creation of a perfume is the result of experimentation and innovation, capturing the essence of a personality to translate it into a fragrance. A perfume emphasizes the emotional universe that reflects a personal journey, which we want to communicate in each room, with any intensity, through every possible tool.

Food & Beverage

Choosing carefully the food that will nourish our body and soul is a daily act of love and care for ourselves. Who better than a chef to understand, from our dietary needs, habits, and lifestyle, which kitchenware and other food tools our clients could really need.

Smart home

Technological intervention makes daily tasks faster and easy, so we help you decide how to incorporate technology in design themes. This intervention is customizable, the way we want to control technology, curate particular scenarios, interface, vocal, tactile, position etc. By communicating with the technological tools, taking advantage of the advanced opportunities, and making it simple and user-friendly.


Our clients live in the house but are always on the move, sometimes looking for particular solutions for mobility, with a car suitable for the client’s being, for example, not a common one. Sometimes other means are employed to ensure mobility, we find the solutions together and prepare for its use. 


Lately, attention to sustainability has become a necessity; as designers, we are urged to pursue a development compatible with the limited resources of the planet so that it can be “sustainable” in the grander scheme of things. Sustainability has various facets such as environmental, economic, ethical, and social. Homes are responsible for almost half of global energy consumption, these issues can be reworked upon starting with the construction project. Our services can enable you to live in an energy-efficient home and in addition to being sustainable, make you choose your psychophysical well-being.

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